Laura Strom DVM


Are you currently accepting new patients?

No longer accepting new patients.

What is your house call examination fee?

A house call examination for one pet is $160.00, additional pets may be added for a lower charge.  Fractious kitties may require an additional fee.  Initial acupuncture examination and treatment is $235.00 with follow up visits at a lower rate, multiple treatment “packages” are also available.

How can I get an estimate?

Estimates are best made after discussing your pet’s condition and any needed testing, medication or treatment.  Please either submit your information on the “Contact Us” tab, or call (503) 332-9347.

What is your service territory?

We provide veterinary services in Oregon only.  From the eastern boarder of Portland, south to Tualatin, west to Cornelius.

I would like to investigate acupuncture for my pet, what can I expect?

Acupuncture is usually used to control pain, but can also be used to regain balance in all other systems of the body.  There are acupuncture points established for any medical condition.  After careful examination, treatments take about 20-40 minutes to complete.  Most painful conditions require repeated treatment at about 7 day intervals for 4-6 treatments, then less frequently depending on each individual’s response.  After the initial treatment, packaged plans are available.

Both dogs and cats tolerate acupuncture needles surprisingly well!  Treats are usually given to encourage the patient and make the experience positive.  If your pet is a cat, or a very wiggly dog that will not tolerate needles, Lacer acupuncture is available.

What is Lacer acupuncture?

This is simply acupuncture WITHOUT NEEDLES!  It involves the use of  laser light to stimulate the acupuncture points.  The portable unit used does not make disturbing noise, or cause any discomfort, though the patient will receive all the benefits of acupuncture.

How much time does a house call examination take?

Generally each patient is provided a full hour.  With multiple pet appointments, additional pets usually add about 30 minutes each.  Acupuncture appointments require more time for additional pets.

Do you have prescription medications available for your patients?

Yes!  There is a full service pharmacy for established patients, available at all times on this website.  See the “Pharmacy” button for the direct link.

In addition, we work with local pharmacies and compounding pharmacies to provide medications that suit a variety of needs.

How do I schedule an appointment?

Email: Fill out and submit your requested time through the “Contact Us” tab.

Phone: Call (503) 332-9347 to schedule an appointment.