Laura Strom DVM


House call examinations

Comprehensive physical examination of your pet to evaluate the source of any abnormal symptoms you are observing.

Integrative medicine

Blending of both Western (conventional), western herbal and Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM), is a form of integrative or holistic medicine.  This style of veterinary medicine includes standard medications with options for supplements, herbal remedies  and dietary changes when indicated to help maintain optimum health.  The focus is on treating current symptoms, as well as preventing future problems.


Used most famously for pain relief, acupuncture may be incorporated into the plan for many medical conditions, and is always customized for the patient.  Laser acupuncture is available for patients who don’t tolerate needles.

Wellness care and vaccinations

No two pets are exactly alike, therefore which vaccines to choose, (or titers if you desire), which parasites to prevent, and consideration of appropriate daily diet and exercise are all part of this individualized plan.  We help you choose the medications, food, and supplements that will maintain your pet as a healthy, active part of your family.

Senior pet care 

Senior pets have special needs, we take special care to include attention to all of your concerns for your aging companion.

Laboratory diagnostics

Full service laboratory evaluation to establish a diagnosis and formulate a treatment plan.

Treatment plans

Customized for your pet and your lifestyle.  Depending on the diagnosis – supportive care, medications and supplements may be prescribed.  Every effort will be made to assure these treatments are given in a form that will be tolerated by your pet.  Through the online pharmacy many medications can be delivered to you quickly, and ongoing medications can be arranged for automatic monthly delivery.

House call euthanasia

Euthanasia is one of the most difficult decisions a person or family ever faces for their animal companion.  We will guide you through the decision process, and help you when it is time to let go.  Every pet is treated with dignity and care.  If you desire, cremation service is available and transportation of your pet’s remains is provided.  Euthanasia service is only offered for established patients of Extra Mile Veterinary Care.


We are not able to make house calls or transport your pet  for emergencies.  Please refer to the emergency hospital numbers provided.

Same day appointments

For established patients, these appointments are available on a limited basis.