Laura Strom DVM

Pet Tips

Suggested help for shy pets cat-looking-around-corner

If your pet does not welcome guests into your home, much of your house call appointment time may be wasted chasing or searching for your wary companion.  For those pets who are shy of visitors, please prepare in advance for your house call examination by closing bedroom doors to prevent hiding in closets or under the beds, and calmly close off access to upstairs and/or downstairs areas as much as you are able.  The best time to do this may be at feeding time in the morning when your pet is having breakfast and is distracted and less likely to be upset.  Try to keep your routine otherwise as normal as possible.

Please keep indoor/outdoor kitties in for the day until after the house call is complete.

If your pet is still likely to need coaxing, consider feeding only a small portion of the normal morning meal, with another portion being reserved for when the doctor arrives.  This allows for the “reward” of feeding and treats during the visit and is more likely to be a positive experience for your pet.

Please advise us if your pet tends to be very fearful or aggressive, so that we may prepare with you to make the house call visit proceed as smoothly as possible.